Ellis Hollow
Nursery School

Where families create community


The Ellis Hollow Nursery School provides a loving atmosphere for children ages 3 through 5 to grow and learn. Classes are held Monday through Thursday mornings at the Ellis Hollow Community Center, located on the Eastern side of Ithaca at 111 Genung Road. The location is convenient to Ithaca, Lansing, Dryden, and Freeville.


At Ellis Hollow Nursery School, we believe children learn best through PLAY. We facilitate this through social interactions, open ended lessons, serendipitous events and an environment that is conducive to experimenting and exploring. We believe each child is unique and comes to us with a certain skill set. We believe it is our job to help the individual child learn and grow within a cohesive classroom community. We believe the best way to achieve this is through patience, understanding, enthusiasm, compassion and a sense of humor! We value diversity and believe that we can learn from each other. We lay the foundation for academics but believe empathy, ingenuity and an open mind are just as valuable.

Why Our School is Unique


Our Teachers. Ellis Hollow Nursery School has two seasoned co-teachers from diverse backgrounds whose collaboration and creativity make for a truly vibrant, nurturing, and enriching learning experience for our children.

Our Cooperative.  By definition, “cooperative” means working together for a common goal. At EHNS, parents and teachers cooperate to provide our children a community where they feel safe so that they can flourish. Unlike other cooperatives, we do not rely on parents in the classroom. Parent responsibilities include attending 3 mandatory meetings per year, aiding in fundraising efforts, participating in publicity events, and providing snack several days each semester.

Our Grounds. The Nursery School operates in the Ellis Hollow Community Center, nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by fields, woods, streams, and ponds.  Teachers and students step outside their front door to take part in nature’s classroom.

Our Playground.  Built in 1987 by local volunteers, it is by far the best kept secret for kids in Ithaca. The playground is tucked behind the Community Center in a large gated area. It is shady with swings, sandbox, and an expansive structure of tunnels, slides, turrets and bridges. A mini theater with cozy wooden bleachers, which is perfect for picnicking or putting on shows.

Our Community. The Nursery School has lived in the Ellis Hollow Community Center (EHCC) since the school was established in 1953. Far more than a building,  EHCC hosts local Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups, community potlucks, Scrabble nights, outdoor movies and various other events. Every September is the annual Ellis Hollow Fair run solely by volunteers. Music in the Hollow offers free live music Tuesday nights in the summer. The Community Center Pool is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Tennis courts and nature trails are all open to the public.  Through Center activities, conversations at drop-off and pick-up, school fundraising and events for both families and parents, the Center allows for Nursery School families to grow friendships all year long  that can last a lifetime.

Our Nursery School Family

Our family during the school year

Stone Soup Celebration


Learning through Play!


Building Blocks for Success


Our Amazing Teachers

Ms. Ellie Biddle

EHNS Co-Teacher

Ellie arrived in Ithaca from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to attend and graduate from Ithaca College. She traveled the country, lived in Seattle, and finally returned to Ithaca where she loved the blend of nature, small town, and urban life. She substituted in the Ithaca City Schools and at Ellis Hollow Nursery School, before becoming a full time teacher at the Nursery School in 2007.

Ellie’s richest education experiences came from her father, a naturalist and teacher; her mentor Regina Carpenter, an educator of educators; and her sons. Through them, she discovered the importance and beauty of spontaneity, curiosity, creativity, and exploring boundaries. These essential qualities are still guiding her educational philosophy as a co-teacher at Ellis Hollow Nursery School.

In Ellis Hollow, Ellie found an educated, alive and active community which she immediately felt was the very best place to raise her sons. When her boys were young, they’d spend long days at the Community Center pool and playground. She loves that they would always see and meet friends there and they still today. The tennis courts, community potlucks, the fields, the trails, and summer music events are still a staple of her life. She is passionate about the value of community, which is why she runs a fair booth at the annual Ellis Hollow Fair, has volunteered for years as the Pool Membership coordinator, and is a respected member of the regular Ellis Hollow Community Center Board meetings.

Since 2007, Ellie has been creating an atmosphere where young children develop emotionally, physically and socially. For all students, she builds a safe, inviting, nurturing, challenging, and vibrant environment, whether indoors or out. Her dedication to teaching and to the families of Ellis Hollow is motivated by her experience as an early childhood educator and the understanding that children learn best when guided by their curiosity. She does this with a combination of playfulness, patience, and professionalism.

Ellie loves that every day the children take her on new adventures. Every day she loves guiding and encouraging them to go farther.

Ms. Rebecca Adie

EHNS Co-Teacher

Growing up in a big family on a farm in Australia, Miss Beka was the eldest of seven children. Every day was an adventure, whether exploring the Aussie bush, swimming with sharks or chasing chickens. Freedom to discover the world was a vital part of her childhood.

A penchant to help people led her to pursue a career in social work which eventually was put on hold to start her own large family. Along with her husband and two young children she started on a new adventure to the other side of the world. After 6 years and two more children Miss Beka moved from Illinois to Ithaca where she quickly found a wonderful community that has allowed her 4 children the same freedom she enjoyed as a child.

In 2013 she found Ellis Hollow Nursery School when her 3rd daughter started preschool. It was then that a love of the school began. She saw her two youngest through the program, served on the EHNS board as President and Vice President and substituted at EHNS for years. She is a dedicated volunteer to the Ellis Hollow Community Center and is an active board member.

She values that EHNS allows children to be children by encouraging them to get messy, explore, laugh, have fun, experiment, and to make their own choices. While new to the staff she has long been part of the community and is eager to be part of creating a fun and enriching learning experience at EHNS.

Our teachers believe the best way to learn and to form social connections is through play, as kids are experiential learners. Kids learn by doing; their brains are constantly creating neurological pathways via their senses and interactions. Our teachers provide a classroom with a variety of experiences that will enrich a child’s development and give them a firm foundation.


The Ellis Hollow Nursery School curriculum is designed to enable age appropriate, self-directed exploration and discovery. The goal is to aid in the development of the whole child: cognitive, creative, motor, sensory, language, social, and emotional development. Based on the children’s ideas and interests we create open-ended themes that challenge different learning styles and ages. Activity centers and circle time continually reflect those themes . We engage children by asking questions that help them be self-reflective and independent problem solvers.  This is all intended for building children’s  self-esteem, as well as enthusiasm for and ownership of learning.

At Ellis Hollow Nursery School, we recognize that entering kindergarten is a big step – a step that requires more from our young children than any other time in history.  Our goal is to provide graduating preschoolers with the building blocks for success in kindergarten and beyond. We work towards this through play and fostering natural interest. Our multi-age classroom supports this process, when older students model and spark interest in their younger classmates. On their own timetable, the children develop early literacy skills – letter recognition, and phonemic awareness – and early math skills – an understanding of patterns, ordinal counting, and number recognition. As experienced early childhood educators, we follow the children’s cues, scaffold their learning, and facilitate the growth of self-help and peer problem solving skills. Our children become self-sufficient, confident, and strong problem solvers.

Parent Participation


The Nursery School is a non-profit cooperative. The school is run by a Board of parents who volunteer each year to serve, in close collaboration with the teachers.  All families are involved in decision making through parent meetings.  Parents are welcome, but not required, to participate in daily classroom activities. Parents and families also gather together for community celebrations of student life throughout the school year.

Fundraising efforts are important to contribute to the overall budget and to allow for the flexibility to respond to unexpected expenses. A portion of fundraising proceeds are dedicated to teacher wish-list items, including classroom materials that the teachers use to enhance the learning experience at the School.

The School is supported by tuition payments, fundraising, and parent participation. Our school thrives on active participation, so parents assume the following responsibilities –

  • Paying monthly tuition
  • Attendance at three mandatory parent meetings each year
  • Providing a nutritious snack for the students and teachers
  • Contributing through leadership on the Nursery School Board or fundraising committees
  • Supporting School fundraising activities through planning and participation
  • Joining periodic work days to keep equipment and facilities in repair or rake leaves

Fundraising activities are not only about money, but also about fostering community within the School and building relationships with the larger community.  Parents work together to create an event and the wider community finds a way to connect to the School.  Events raise awareness and promote school enrollment.  Successful, recurring events include a community Halloween party, Memorial Day BBQ/Pig Roast, and participation in the Ithaca Parade. We strive to create family-friendly fundraisers that enhance family time!

Quotes from Our Families

A treasure, a gem, are some words that come to mind when I think of EHNS, and our little one’s experience there. EHNS will always hold a special place in our hearts and we still miss it, even though our child graduated 2 years ago.

At EHNS, you will find two of the kindest, most wonderful, engaging, knowledgeable, creative teachers who have such a love for children and their well being. You’ll find an enriching, stimulating environment that fosters children’s development, growth, and imagination in every way possible.

You’ll find a beautiful setting, wonderful playground, classroom setup, and best practices in early childhood education.

I believe that EHNS is the best cooperative nursery school in town. We will always think of the teachers and the schools with the utmost regard.


We could not have been happier with our experience at EHNS.  Our son thrived there, under Miss Kai and Miss Ellie’s care.  I had had a lot of experience in the field of early childhood education, so I had a number of other places to compare EHNS to.  It was honestly hands down the best preschool I have encountered. The parent cooperative element works so well with Kai and Ellie; a true community is formed; kids and adults are all valued for what they can offer; kids learn by example how to be part of a common endeavor.  A down to earth, unpretentious play and hands-on experiential based program, EHNS is pushed into the ‘awesome’ category by the dynamic duo of Kai and Ellie, who took my fearful and unsure little guy and genuinely LOVED him into blossoming!  It was beautiful to see.  The crafts were amazing — we framed and treasure the things our son created there.  Unfortunately, an unrelated-to-EHNS family situation meant that we were only able to be there for one year, and we so miss it.  We think of it with a mixture of sadness and fondness because I think we will always wish we could have had another year there before jumping into “the big kid school,” aka elementary school.  I cannot say enough good things about EHNS.  Every child should have such a loving place as their first school experience!


The first and best stroke of luck in our parenting adventure was stumbling upon Ellie and Kai and the magical environment they have created at Ellis Hollow Nursery School.

When we saw EHNS, after visiting several schools in the area, it felt like home. Better yet, they had all the things we were looking for in a preschool: creative, engaged mornings that emphasize exploration, play and friendship; a peaceful location surrounded by meadows and a shady, woodland play area; the perfect balance of cooperative family involvement; and a pair of gifted, experienced teachers who instantly became treasured members of our family. Kai and Ellie are a truly dynamic duo who love their job, love working with each other, and love those kids with a mighty blend of steady confidence, tender compassion and tireless fun! EHNS, and the close community of families that we became part of, will forever be one of the very best parts of my children’s childhood.


EHNS is so supportive, creative, and child-centered. Our daughter thrived at EHNS. At first she was very shy and not comfortable talking with peers or adults, but Kai and Ellie were so patient and caring that they  brought out her chatty, friendly, silly self. At first I was a little wary of the level of parent involvement, but the other parents were great, helping out was fun, and the school has a wonderful sense of community for the children and their families.